2018 Audition Materials for the KSUMB

Please follow the instructions below to access “The Marching Owls” application on Owl Express on June 1, 2018. You will need to complete this application before the audition materials are emailed to you. *We highly recommend you complete this process on a computer rather than a tablet or mobile device*

  • Use your Net ID (ex. jsmith12) and Password (your personal password for your university account) to login.
  • Please choose from one of the following, depending on your KSU application status:
    • (a)If you have applied to KSU but have not yet been accepted, you will need to click on the “Applicant Services” tab once you have logged in to Owl Express. Note: You will still be able to access the audition materials and apply for “The Marching Owls.” You will simply have a different access point than fully admitted students.
    • (b)If you are currently an accepted student at KSU, you will need to click on the “Student Services” tab once you have logged in to Owl Express.
  • Follow this link to complete your application: “The Marching Owls” application
  • Once you have completed your application and all information is correct, click “Save & Submit.” An email with the audition materials will be sent to you at the address you provided on your application.
  • If you have any questions about the visual style used by “The Marching Owls,” please take a moment to look at our Marching Handbook!