FAQs for Parents

How can I get tickets to football games?

The ticket office has extremely limited tickets available for games during the season.

Order tickets now

Please note that if you have any questions at all about tickets, you will need to reach out to the athletic ticket office for those - 470.578.6957. The band office has nothing to do with the sale of tickets for football games, nor do we know any of the specifics around buying them, and we would just direct you to them anyway.

When does the Band rehearse?

“The Marching Owls” Marching Band rehearses Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at 3305 Busbee Drive each week starting with the first week of school. When we don’t have a game to attend on he following Saturday, or an exhibition that we are preparing for, we will not rehearse the Friday of that week. The band also rehearses on game day Saturday’s (home games) and will begin rehearsal 6 hours prior to kick.

Outdoor rehearsals are open to the public at 3305 Busbee Drive.

Is there a Band Booster group?

The KSUMB is starting a Patrons group - a group of parents, alumni and friends of the program - who make generous, tax deductible contributions each year. For more information or to contribute, please click here. Under “Gift Designation Choice” please select “KSU Marching Band” in the pull down box, so that your donation goes to our program.

Does the Band supply instruments?

Yes. Due to the generosity of the university we are able to issue large instruments to the sousaphones, baritones, trombones, mellophones, drumline, and colorguard members of the program.  Additionally, we are able to supply tenor saxophones and piccolos to the woodwinds.

Is class credit available for Band?

All students are required to enroll in Marching Band for “0” or “1” credit. Marching Band is a course offered through the School of Music – MUSI 1142 or 3342. The “0” credit option is only offered in the 3342 level and is the second section option. Students should enroll in whatever credit option is best for them.

How much does Marching Band cost?

All members of the Marching Band are assessed a $320.00 lab fee which is charged to their fall student bursars account when they register for the course. This fee covers the following items which are required for members: Adidas uniform polo, Adidas member t shirt, Adidas climalite shirt, Adidas ball cap, Adidas cold weather beanie, band jacket, and five uniform cleanings – four during the season and one at the end of the year. There is NO FUNDRAISING for members in college band. At the end of the season, we will host a Band Banquet that will be optional to attend, which is why it will be assessed separately from the rest of the required fees for the program. More information on that will come at a later time in the season.

Is Financial Aid available from the Marching Band?

We are working on limited amounts of financial aid to be available for students who are members of the Marching Band in the fall, and then a concert ensemble in the spring. Once we gain more contributions for scholarships, we will announce the process for this on the website. Students will need to apply and audition.

Do “The Marching Owls” go to every football game?

All Marching Owls members attend every home football game. The remaining games are yet to be determined, and will most likely be 100 member pep bands if the band does travel. Freshmen do not travel, unless the entire band travels. This is not to punish them, but to protect them in their first year and the time management challenges that arise within the first year of college.

What do I need to know about on-campus housing and “The Marching Owls?”

If your student is staying in on-campus housing, they will need to alert KSU Housing that they will be auditioning for “The Marching Owls.” This alert to them will indicate that your student needs to move into the housing 1 week early, so that they can attend the audition/band camp the week before school starts. This is really important, since we will be in the depths of camp when the rest of the campus is allowed to move in. The housing office is making accommodations for “The Marching Owls” prospective members to be allowed to move in early, but they need lead-time in order to be sure that your student’s room is prepared ahead of time. Contact Housing immediately if they have not informed them of their intentions to audition for “The Marching Owls!”

How do I get photos of my student in “The Marching Owls” Marching Band?

“The Marching Owls” will have a photographer and will post pictures on our website under “Media.” There are no guarantees that we can get every student at every event, but it is our goal to get every student throughout the season!

Do you ever try to contact me for any reason?

“The Marching Owls” will try to contact you for updates on events that we are hosting or items that are coming up and we want to inform you of. We will ask your student at the online audition registration on July 1st to provide your contact information so that we can email you when there are events that might interest you. If you are not receiving notifications from us, please have your student update the information that they provided online that day so that you receive information from our office.

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